Advanced Advertising Platform

Protecting existing and generating video ad revenues for Broadcast and Streaming
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SeaChange’s Advanced Advertising Platform is designed to: protect existing Linear TV Ad revenues, generate new streaming ad revenue and increase existing ad revenue across the board with programmatic ad sale

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For linear TV, the platform uses programmatic auctions to expose remnant Ad inventory to a second order Digital marketplace, reducing operational costs by presenting publishers inventory for sale programmatically using DSP and ADS software platforms to make a real time ad decision without human intervention.

For OTT, image recognition software provides contextual metadata for the available video content, identifying the most relevant ad creative for each break – without any dependencies on cookies or any other consent-based user data, eliminating privacy concerns in the market.


For CTV, content can be aggregated into a linear feed and syndicated as FAST channels to any CTV platform, with the ability to create an additional distribution channel with new revenues. This technique provides an increase to the available ad inventory, increasing available ad revenues. 

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