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StreamVid allows you to launch your fully managed OTT streaming service that is designed to scale with your business. Cloud-based deployment significantly reduces time to market and operating costs, so that you can fully focus on acquiring the best content, building your audience and optimizing your service. Thanks to our machine learning driven Analytics engine informing business decisions with real data has never been easier.

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Scalability and flexibility – deployed entirely in the cloud – accurately addresses the needs of your business at each phase of growth without overpaying for infrastructure; assures accessibility from anywhere in the world, using one dedicated UI for every management task.

Stream on any device & make your brand stand out – our solution offers white-label apps ready to be customized and branded on the fly to convey the message of your brand. Deliver seamless user experience on smart TVs, ROKU, Android TV, Apple TV and mobile devices available directly from the app stores.

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Analytics & BI – a selection of predefined and custom dashboards based on viewership / purchase data is available out-of-the-box. Additionally, complete ownership of the data allows you to create customized dashboards and data sets that suit your unique business case. On top of that, behavioral data available via integrations, allow you to track how users use the app and take appropriate actions to boost engagement and prevent churn.

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