Operator TV Platform

Deliver & Monetize Multiscreen Experiences on Any Network
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Our robust Operator TV Platform brings interactive multiscreen experience to the operators running cable networks. Leveraging 20+ years of experience, we assure reliable and comprehensive solutions to converge your current network with OTT in a single deployment with short time to market. By converging DVB-C / QAM networks with OTT streaming, operators can expand their coverage and reach their viewers providing immersive multiscreen experience and on demand services. Our hybrid solution utilizes a single on-premises or cloud- based infrastructure to deliver secure, low-latency solution. At the same time, the operating costs are kept under control by leveraging pre-integrated solutions, such as multi CDN (Broadpeak, Edgeware, HBO), multi – DRM, and seamless integration with existing network components. 


Hybrid / On-prem deployments our Emmy awarded technology enables operators to cover several content delivery methods: from traditional DVB-C / QAM to IPTV and OTT in a single deployment, managed from one centralized Web UI.

Wide coverage of supported client devices - providing true multiscreen experience with applications for Smart TVs, ROKU, WEB, Android TV, AppleTV, mobile devices. On top of that, the applications cover AndroidTV Operator-tier boxes.

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Personalized Linear TV consumption including EPG, favorite channels and recommendations. Monitoring playback and user behavior allowing consumer trends for better monetization and churn reduction. BI module for building patterns and models and improving customer engagement.

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